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NCR RealPOS 21

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 Restaurateurs did you hear the news???     You are now in control!!!!       Did you know with the new Windows based technology in restaurant POS systems you no longer have to throw systems out when you decide to upgrade or use different software. That's right, gone are the days of proprietary equipment that locked you into a POS dealer that was taken you over the coals because there was no one else to service your equipment. With Windows based POS systems when you upgrade in most instances all you change is your software and pay a fee to have a authorized dealer set up your menu. Your total cost of ownership just went way down. At POS Technologies Inc. we help you by providing hardware that uses for the most part off the shelf  components. Software that doesn't lock you into just the dealer for support, you can also get support from the software vendor. Take control and call today!!!!! 508 337-6919

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Systems starting for as little as $3995.00 or $120.00 per month with lease to own!!

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