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  If you are looking for a POS System that::
  • Is reasonably priced
  • Has many standard features where others charge extra for
  • Is non- proprietary which means you are not stuck with the dealer for service and you are in control.
  • Is very reliable and easy to use 
  • Comes from a full service dealer

Then call us today for a demo at you location.

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When it comes to security the sky is the limit, but the price doesn't have to be. Although we believe at POS Technologies, Inc. most people are honest, it is the small percentage that can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.  One employee paying himself $50 a day could cost you $17,000 a year. Or how about an employee giving free drinks or meals away, you are losing your shirt and the employee is getting a raise with increase in tips.. This is just with your employees. How about shop lifting or robberies. Camera's can deter, camera's can catch!!! Now YOU are in control. POS Technologies, Inc can further your control by our expertise in integrating the cameras to the POS systems. 

Record for days weeks months.... Even add your POS transactions to your video.. 
         Call today for a free consultation!!!!! (508) 337-6919  

Pinhole, 1/3" Sony™ CCD, 380 TV line, 0.2 Lux, PIR case

Hardware Compressed DVRs and Video Web Servers

View live video over the Internet!!!



 1/3" Sharp™ CCD, 380TV line, 0.25 Lux , 3.6mm Lens, Mini-Dome Camera

 Flickerless, Day/Night, 1/3" Sony™ CCD, 380TV line, 0.03 Lux, A.I. Drive